Cash Farm

Cash Farm is one of the superb scratch games from ScratchCard You’ll love the farming theme and you’ve got three shots to win with every card you play. I’ve played the game for free and it’s great fun – you’ll get an opening balance of ‘play money’ to start with and you can start playing for real money any time you want.

Cash Farm

One of the great things about the game is that the value of the cards can be altered depending on your budget and what you’d like to win as a maximum prize. The biggest jackpot is a huge £100,000! You’ll need to invest £10 in one of the scratch cards to be in with a shot at that prize. But even the 50p scratch cards open up a chance of a £5,000 top prize. One of the easiest scratch cards, Cash Farm still offers many features:
  • Scratch card values to play from 50p to £10
  • Top prizes ranging from £5,000 to £100,000
  • Open three barns to see if you can match three characters in one or more of them
  • Three matching characters wins a prize
  • Open one barn at a time or click the ‘scratch all’ button to reveal the contents of all the barns at once
The Cash Farm game is one of the easiest to understand scratchcards you’ll see online. You’ve got full instructions if you need them but you’ll get the hang of how to play the online scratch cards very quickly indeed. I loved the fact I could play free scratch cards to see how it worked before trying to scratch off a real prize!

A great scratch card for animal lovers! What’s in YOUR barn?

The online scratch cards are colourful and fun to play and you’ll see lots of different animals. Each one will be worth a different amount if you’ve matched three in the same barn. You’ve got cows, pigs, sheep and hens among others, so you’ll enjoy all the scratchcards you’ll play in the game. Watch for the trailer on the back of the tractor at the bottom of the card when you’ve played it. Any prize you win will be shown in the trailer itself. I enjoyed playing the online scratch cards with a farm theme, and Cash Farm certainly fits the bill at one of the best scratch cards sites online today. You’ve also got the opportunity to choose which barn you’d want to open first. With three to try on the scratch cards, you’ve got three chances to win some kind of prize. Isn’t that the best of all the scratch cards?

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