Piggy Bank

It’s always amazing to see a wealth of different themes on offer when you look for new scratch cards to play. You don’t often see scratch games based in a bank though, and yet that’s the case when you play the Piggy Bank game. Read the following pointers to see how the Piggy Bank scratch card works:
  • A great value entrant to the world of online scratch cards – just £1 to play the game
  • Piggy Bank has superb odds for a win – just one in 3.55 for every game you play!
  • Select four from six piggy banks to see if you can find a winning symbol
  • Top prize is a huge £10,000 for the Piggy Bank scratch cards!
  • Fun to play and well thought out with superb graphics too
As you can see it’s an easy one to start playing. You’ll love the graphics and it’s got a nice fun feel to it too. It’s also good for all ages if you’re old enough to start playing at various scratch cards sites. You’ll see six podiums on your game screen when you’ve bought your scratchcards to get started. The piggy banker will oversee your game so watch out for him on screen – he’s hard to miss! You have to select four piggy banks from the six that are presented to you on the screen. There’s no need to scratch off anything – just click on the piggy banks you want to select. There are nine symbols that could be released from the piggy banks on your scratch cards so keep an eye on what’s released. You’ll see an amount of money – it could be up to £10,000 – revealed under the symbol each time. You’ve then got to click on the winning symbol to see whether you’ve managed to match any of your four choices to it. If you have you’ll have won from one to four times on the scratchcards!

Piggy Bank is appealing to look at and to play, with great odds for online scratch cards

Piggy Bank is different entrant to the range of online scratch cards you could play. It’s got a lot to offer and it’s a fun game too. The fact you’ve got four chances of winning on the scratch cards is great as you could take away a lot of money. I’ve played one or two free scratch cards first to see whether I’ve got the hang of the game before I played it for real, and it’s good to do it!

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