Scratch Card Games

There is one fundamental reason why scratch cards are among the public’s favourite games and that is because they come in so many themes and scratching off options. The themes may range from fantasy, to casino, slots, bingo and even sports cards. Thus, they succeed in supplying joy and fun to numerous kinds of players. You can also pick out your card according to the number of fields you are allowed to scratch- from one to nine fields. The secret to winning at scratch games is singling out the right card and having a stroke of luck will do the trick, too!

Top 3 Scratch Card Games

# Game Info
1 Legend of Terra

3D has arrived on the scratch cards! Legend of Terra opens a new dimension in online scratch cards excitement and it’s all for you.

Legend of Terra game review

Play Legend of Terra Now!

2 Lucky Charms

Get lucky and see if you’re in for a scratchcards prize today with your chance of trying out Lucky Charms for a sensational win!

Lucky Charms game review

Play Lucky Charms Now!
3 The 60's

Get into your camper van, look for the numbers and see whether your scratchcard has the ones that are needed for a massive prize in The 60’s.

Christmas Present game review

Play Christmas Present Now!

Most Played Scratch Card Games

Game Info

Brew some coffee and go for an Espresso win with the great scratchcards game. Online scratch cards could be brewing a prize for you!

Espresso game review

Play Espresso Now!

Love Match

Can you match up three angels to grab a prize with Love Match scratch cards? There’s scratchcards of different prices to get different prizes too.

Love Match game review

Play Love Match Now!

Gee Gees

Fun and frolics await with a classic style scratchcards game taking on the slots with Gee Gees. It’s going to be a great ride!

Gee Gees game review

Play Gee Gees Now!

Christmas Present

Get into the festive spirit with the Christmas Present scratchcards and see whether you can unwrap a great financial gift on the online scratch cards!

Christmas Present game review

Play Christmas Present Now!

Alice's Wonderland

Look for the rabbit hole and for Alice herself in Alice’s Wonderland, a new scratch cards alternative online today! Play for real and bag some prizes!

Alice's Wonderland game review

Play Alice's Wonderland Now!


Roll the dice and try to grab a winning combination with Craps, the best alternative to scratch cards you’ll find. Get a taste of real casino winnings and try some scratchcards too!

Craps game review

Play Craps Now!


Play in the realm of the best scratchcards and look for Cleopatra in a stunning game. Online scratch cards are sensational when they pick real people as their inspiration.

Cleopatra game review

Play Cleopatra Now!

Snakes and Ladders

Try a familiar version of the Snakes and Ladders game – but play it on your top scratch cards website instead of as a board game!

Snakes and Ladders game review

Play Snakes and Ladders Now!

Deuces wild

Get to grips with poker today with Deuces Wild on scratch cards websites all over the net. It’s the best way to try and get a good hand on a prize!

Deuces wild game review

Play Deuces wild Now!

Texas Tea

Find out whether you can match up scratchcard cartoon characters in Texas Tea, one of the best new scratch games to hit the internet in years!

Texas Tea game review

Play Texas Tea Now!


Have some furry scratch cards delight today with Chuzzle – the scratch games that make it easy to like every character that pops up!

Chuzzle game review

Play Chuzzle Now!


Play 100 lines on the scratchcards known as Cashapillar! Lots of winning chances and plenty of extras are involved in the scratch games too!

Cashapillar game review

Play Cashapillar Now!

Mega Moolha

Will you grab scratchcards progressive prizes with Mega Moolah? You’ve got four chances to make it happen every time you play!

Mega Moolha game review

Play Mega Moolha Now!

Couch Potato

Don’t be a Couch Potato – look for the scratchcards and play one of the easiest and best scratch games online today right here!

Couch Potato game review

Play Couch Potato Now!

Hi Lo Fever

Will you go up or down to try and win some scratch cards cash for the pot? The decision is yours with Hi Lo Fever!

Hi Lo Fever game review

Play Hi Lo Fever Now!

Jacks or Better

Will you get the prizes for the poker style scratch cards on the Jacks or Better game? If you do you could win several times over!

Jacks or Better game review

Play Jacks or Better Now!

Auto Show

Rev up for a prize winning scratchcards opportunity with the Auto Show scratchcard. You could find a bonus round too for a multiple win

Auto Show game review

Play Auto Show Now!

Sea And Sun

You should head to the beach with some online scratch cards which have a summery theme. Sea and Sun will take you there!

Sea And Sun game review

Play Sea And Sun Now!

Golden Fortune

Get yourself a Golden Fortune by revealing the lucky panels on your scratch cards. Could you grab a bonus suitcase filled with money too?

Golden Fortune game review

Play Golden Fortune Now!


Get into a festive winning mood with online scratch cards that are focused on the Christmas theme. Will you find a great winner here?

Christmas game review

Play Christmas Now!

Jungle Joy

Look for the wild animals in the jungle. Scratch off the fields and get three identical animals to end your safari trip with great prizes!

Jungle Joy game review

Play Jungle Joy Now!

Fast Hands

Will your hand be fast enough to win on the Fast Hands scratchcards? Shake against the opposition and see how much you can win!

Fast Hands game review

Play Fast Hands Now!

Caddy Scratch

Get into the golfing swing of things with Caddy Scratch, the scratch games that have golfing themes right through them. Match up symbols to win the appropriate prize.

Caddy Scratch game review

Play Caddy Scratch Now!

Irish Eyes

Will the luck of the Irish scratchcards be smiling down on you when you pay up to play the Irish Eyes online scratch cards?

Irish Eyes game review

Play Irish Eyes Now!

Captain’s Treasure

Scratch cards come laden with potential prizes and Captain’s Treasure enables you to try and grab his treasure from under his nose!

Captain’s Treasure game review

Play Captain’s Treasure Now!

Formula Won

Jump into a motor racing game called Formula Won and the prizes will hopefully race towards you in the online scratch cards excitement.

Formula Won game review

Play Formula Won Now!

Golden Tour

Get into the golfing swing of things with Golden Tour dynamic scratch cards. If you’re a lover of golf you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Golden Tour game review

Play Golden Tour Now!


You’ve never tried scratch cards quite like Kathmandu before. With a different way to play and many exotic symbols, it’s a sure fire winner.

Kathmandu game review

Play Kathmandu Now!

Lotto Madness

Will your lucky numbers come up when you play scratch cards in Lotto Madness? If it happens you could be sitting pretty!

Lotto Madness game review

Play Lotto Madness Now!

Moon Shine

Try a slots version of the great scratch cards called Moon Shine today. If you find the moonshine itself you could be in for a bonus.

Moon Shine game review

Play Moon Shine Now!

Scratch Ball

Get in the chance to win with scratch cards when you try the footballing game of Scratch Ball. Will you find matching football images to win?

Scratch Ball game review

Play Scratch Ball Now!

Slot Box

For a completely different spin on the online scratch cards you can try Slot Box for size. Watch for winning combos and win more for more of them!

Slot Box game review

Play Slot Box Now!

The Big Match

Get into the footballing theme with the scratchcards that can bring home a good prize in The Big Match. Try them today and see!

The Big Match game review

Play The Big Match Now!

7 Heaven

Find the three glittering 7s and the gift symbol to land an unbelievable £ 200,000 money prize. Try the free scratch cards, too.

7 Heaven game review

Play 7 Heaven Now!

The X Factor

The familiar game comes to the scratch cards with The X Factor game to try and win multiples of your bet amount back.

The X Factor game review

Play The X Factor Now!

Tomb Raider

Get going with Lara Croft and get dynamic and action packed scratchcards fun going today. Find the idol and try to bag some prizes!

Tomb Raider game review

Play Tomb Raider Now!


Purchase a 3Wow card for up to £ 20. Scratch off one card and reveal the £ 1,000,000 prize at stake!

3WOW game review

Play 3WOW Now!

Road Racing

Get ready to race with as many as four opportunities to win on the Road Racing online scratch cards. Will you pull away with a win today?

Road Racing game review

Play Road Racing Now!

Amazon Wild

With an incredible one hundred lines to bet on with each spin, Amazon Wild is a great addition to the scratch card marketplace!

Amazon Wild game review

Play Amazon Wild Now!


Do you fancy something different to scratch cards? Try Cubis instead of your favourite scratchcard and try and win several prizes in one single game!

Cubis game review

Play Cubis Now!

Dolphin Reef

Spin the reels on the scratch cards and see whether you can win as many as 25 times with a single spin on Dolphin Reef!

Dolphin Reef game review

Play Dolphin Reef Now!

Doctor Love

It’s time to win some prizes on the Doctor Love scratch card game! Spin the reels to make up winning lines whenever you can.

Doctor Love game review

Play Doctor Love Now!

Cash Drop

Play something new today by trying out the intriguing Cash Drop scratch cards. They’re unlike anything you’ll have seen before as you will find out!

Cash Drop game review

Play Cash Drop Now!

Circus Mania

Roll up for a wonderful chance at some scratch card prizes with the Circus Mania scratchcards game! Will you be lucky to reveal a prize?

Circus Mania game review

Play Circus Mania Now!

Fair Play

Head for the fun of the fair with the superb Fair Play scratchcard! It’s got plenty of prizes to offer you, so will you get lucky?

Fair Play game review

Play Fair Play Now!


Bet on nine lines and hope for a magic touch with the Fantasia scratch card game. It’s entertaining and based on a slots theme.

Fantasia game review

Play Fantasia Now!

Music Room

Try and find some matching musical instruments on the Music Room scratch card. Will you strike a good note and take away a prize?

Music Room game review

Play Music Room Now!

Pirates Paradise

Ahoy me hearties and play the Pirates Paradise scratch cards today! Enjoy the thrills and excitement that come with winning a cash prize!

Pirates Paradise game review

Play Pirates Paradise Now!

Tropical Fruit

Take yourself off to a peaceful beach for the Tropical Fruit scratchcard. It’s a game that will relax and delight you, especially if you win!

Tropical Fruit game review

Play Tropical Fruit Now!


You could be in for a watery time with the Atlantis online scratch cards. They’ve got lots of opportunities to win good prizes every time!

Atlantis game review

Play Atlantis Now!

Chic Boutique

Go shopping for a prize with the Chic Boutique scratchcards. There’s lots to win and plenty of desirable shopping symbols to find in the game!

Chic Boutique game review

Play Chic Boutique Now!

Dragon's Gold

Try and find one or more combinations of symbols on the Dragon’s Gold scratch cards to win a nice prize. Multiples of your bet could be won!

Dragon's Gold game review

Play Dragon's Gold Now!

Conga Beat

Do the conga now and see if you can unmask a great prize on the Conga Beat scratch cards. You might just reel in a wonderful prize!

Conga Beat game review

Play Conga Beat Now!

Macau Nights

Stand a chance of winning a seven figure prize on the Macau Nights scratch cards. Spin three reels to get started on the scratchcard!

Macau Nights game review

Play Macau Nights Now!

Monaco Glamour

With twenty lines on the scratchcard to bet on, you’ll be able to net several prizes in one go with the Monaco Glamour scratch cards!

Monaco Glamour game review

Play Monaco Glamour Now!

Oasis Dreams

Try and find the bonus round and win a prize for finding just one treasure map on the Oasis Dreams scratch cards today!

Oasis Dreams game review

Play Oasis Dreams Now!

Triple Carnival

Play with as many as three machines on the Triple Carnival online scratch cards. Will you win three times – and could it be the jackpot?

Triple Carnival game review

Play Triple Carnival Now!

Banana Rama

Banana Rama offers credits as well as cash to win on the superb and versatile scratch card game. Scratch cards with these benefits don’t come around often!

Banana Rama game review

Play Banana Rama Now!

King Arthur's Quest

Will you go higher or lower and get it right with the sensationally great fun scratch card game, King Arthurs? Try these online scratch cards now!

King Arthur's Quest game review

Play King Arthur's Quest Now!

Santa Scratch

A festive scratch card to get you in the mood for the big day, Santa Scratch has lots of scratch cards fun to look forward to!

Santa Scratch game review

Play Santa Scratch Now!

Football Mania

Can you score a scratch card prize with Football Mania? Grab your chance now and see if you can match up the football symbols!

Football Mania game review

Play Football Mania Now!

Beetle Bingo

Line up some potential prizes with the Beetle Bingo scratch card! Will you win some cash with the right numbered beetles crawling onto your scratchcard?

Beetle Bingo game review

Play Beetle Bingo Now!

Classic Slots

Keep things nice and simple with the Classic Slots scratchcards. You’ve got three chances to win a prize on every scratch card you play!

Classic Slots game review

Play Classic Slots Now!

Superman Scratch

Follow everyone’s favourite super hero on the Superman Scratch game. The great value scratchcards reveal super prizes if you’re lucky enough to win!

Superman Scratch game review

Play Superman Scratch Now!

Scratch The Derby

Get ready for a race to the finish line as you try and find three identical symbols on the Scratch the Derby scratch cards game.

Scratch The Derby game review

Play Scratch The Derby Now!


Play the closest thing to the real Millionaire game with a scratch card! Reveal the symbols to see if you’ve won and perhaps even enter the bonus round!

Millionaire game review

Play Millionaire Now!

Route to Riches

Fly around the world and piece together a great prize on the Route to Riches scratch cards. It’s addictive and fun to play!

Route to Riches game review

Play Route to Riches Now!

Crazy Cat

Check out the Crazy Cat online scratch cards for the chance to win it big. Find three cats to win the prize for that scratch card!

Crazy Cat game review

Play Crazy Cat Now!

Mister Joker

Pick one card from three and try to find the Joker in Mister Joker scratch cards. Will you get lucky and win a big prize?

Mister Joker game review

Play Mister Joker Now!

Spy Comics

Be a spy and look for three symbols that match out of four on the Spy Comics scratchcards. Three identical ones win the prize for the scratch card!

Spy Comics game review

Play Spy Comics Now!

The Fairy Tale

Can you find three identical characters hiding in the towers on The Fairy Tale scratchcard game? You’ll win a prize if you can!

The Fairy Tale game review

Play The Fairy Tale Now!

Piggy Bank

Go to the bank and try and win as many as four scratch cards prizes at a time with Piggy Bank! It’s fun and revealing to play.

Piggy Bank game review

Play Piggy Bank Now!

Outer Space

Choose from six machines and see how many prizes you can win by going into Outer Space on the amazing scratch card experience!

Outer Space game review

Play Outer Space Now!

Master Mix

There are ten lines to play on every Master Mix scratch card. Try and win prizes on all of them when you start to play!

Master Mix game review

Play Master Mix Now!

Slots Pyramid

Slots Pyramid online scratch cards give you three chances to win for just one price. Will you scoop the big jackpot on offer?

Slots Pyramid game review

Play Slots Pyramid Now!

Bon Appetit

Enjoy a food theme with one of the top scratch cards around today. Bon Appetit will make you hungry for more every time you play!

Bon Appetit game review

Play Bon Appetit Now!

Cafe Paris

Scratch cards are not always what they seem, and Café Paris shows you another side of Paris in the superb game ready to play now.

Cafe Paris game review

Play Cafe Paris Now!

Castle Slot

If you’re looking for a different theme from the usual scratch cards, try Castle Slot now. Spin the reels to try and win a prize!

Castle Slot game review

Play Castle Slot Now!

The Grand Crown

Grand Crown makes a great change to the traditional scratchcard games. Try it now and spin your way towards a prize! You might get lucky!

The Grand Crown game review

Play The Grand Crown Now!

Ice Land

Not all online scratch cards play the way you think they will. Try Ice Land now, for a totally different view and another chance to win.

Ice Land game review

Play Ice Land Now!

Ready Set Go

Another in a long line of slots themed scratch cards, Ready Set Go will have you trying to reel in six prizes in one go!

Ready Set Go game review

Play Ready Set Go Now!

Sakura Garden

Try to match up plenty of Japanese symbols in Sakura Garden, a slots game with a scratch card feel to it and lots to enjoy.

Sakura Garden game review

Play Sakura Garden Now!

Sky Of Love

Take to the skies with the Sky of Love online scratch cards that have a slots game twist to them. You’ll be glad you did!

Sky Of Love game review

Play Sky Of Love Now!

Splash Cash

Make sure your player stays out of the water in the scratch cards game called Splash Cash. Don’t make a splash – grab a win instead!

Splash Cash game review

Play Splash Cash Now!

World Champion

Be a World Champion and line up the footballers to win with the scratch card game to top all others! Try your luck today.

World Champion game review

Play World Champion Now!

100m Champion

Anticipate which runner will become a winner of this scratchcard race. Follow the fast runners along the track to win!

100m Champion game review

Play 100m Champion Now!


Buy your bingo scratch game card for a few pounds and watch the balls roll out. Mark all the numbers in a row to win

Bingo game review

Play Bingo Now!

Bingo Bonanza

Enjoy a bingo online scratch card with a twist for just £ 0,50. Marking called out numbers can be much more fun!

Bingo Bonanza game review

Play Bingo Bonanza Now!

Cash Crop

Scratch off the corn cobs to obtain a juicy prize. Get three identical amounts and the prize will be yours.

Cash Crop game review

Play Cash Crop Now!

Club Pearl

If you want to win a hefty sum, seek the precious pearl in this online scratch card. The underwater creatures will help you!

Club Pearl game review

Play Club Pearl Now!

Crazy Fruits

You can get this scratch card for as low as £ 0.40! Scratch the fields and get matching juicy fruit!

Crazy Fruits game review Play Crazy Fruits Now!
Deal Or No Deal

You’ll be at the edge of your seat with this scratchcards. Beat the banker and walk away with a glorious £ 20,000 jackpot.

Deal Or No Deal game review

Play Deal Or No Deal Now!

Fantasy Forest

An out of this world jackpot is awaiting in the depths of the forest. Uncover the crystal balls in the scratchcard and win.

Fantasy Forest game review Play Fantasy Forest Now!
Golden Island

Choose one of the treasure chests and hope for a lucky day. This scratch card can turn you wealthy in a day!

Golden Island game review Play Golden Island Now!
Gold Fever

With this scratch cards game you get three chances of getting a £ 10,000 prize. Play three games in only one card.

Gold Fever game review Play Gold Fever Now!

In this scratchcards game you have to take a crucial decision: will the machine display a higher or lower number?

HiLo game review Play HiLo Now!
Lucky 21

Try your good luck at scratch cards with this game. You should manage to defeat the skilful dealer at once!

Lucky 21 game review Play Lucky 21 Now!
Money Machine

This scratchcard game is offering an easy £ 1,600 prize. You only have to reveal the cogs and get a lucky combination.

Money Machine game review Play Money Machine Now!
Monte Carlo

A slots game you can find at any online scratch cards site. Pull the handle and play for a magnificent £ 200,000 prize.

Monte carlo game review Play Monte carlo Now!
Noughts & Crosses

Do you feel like playing for just £ 0.5? This childhood classic can also be played as a free scratch cards.

Noughts & crosses game review Play Noughts & crosses Now!
Royal Slots

A great scratchcard: place a wager on each of the three machines and obtain identical symbols if you want to cash your prize.

Royal Slots game review Play Royal Slots Now!
Scratch N Roll

Same as in Vegas! This scratch card will let you roll the dice to get a winning number! Walk away with a substantial sum.

Scratch N Roll game review Play Scratch N Roll Now!
Super 7

It guarantees a great mixture of scratchcard games and slots. Pull the handle and leave the game lobby with much money!

Super 7 game review Play Super 7 Now!
Super Chance

The free scratch card and the paid version are alike! Send the wheel into a spin and match the two prizes!

Super Chance game review Play Super Chance Now!

Super Hippodrome

Watch out for your winning horse at the track and get as many matches as you can. This scratch game is super exciting!

Super Hippodrome game review Play Super Hippodrome Now!

Whole Lotta Luck

Become a lucky scratchcards winner with this easy-to-play game. Take the coins to reveal the grey fields and get £ 800!

Whole Lotta Luck game review Play Whole Lotta Luck Now!


Spin the zodiac wheel and check which sign the stars have chosen for you. Match the sign with the symbol hidden behind the scratchcard.

Zodiac game review Play Zodiac Now!
10 Grand Lottery

Spin the numbered dials to obtain a number. Get two numbers that sum up 10 to win at this fantastic scratch card.

10 Grand Lottery game review Play 10 Grand Lottery Now!

A Girls Night Out

An exquisite £ 20,000 scratch game jackpot could be taken by players who obtain three identical symbols in a same row.

A girls Night Out game review Play A girls Night Out Now!
Cash Volcano

This scratch game contains nine fields. Reveal tree identical hidden symbols to win. Get the volcano symbol and win big time!

Cash Volcano game review Play Cash Volcano Now!
Crazy Ball

This online scratch card can help you win £ 200,000. Just focus on your target and click on the bowling ball.

Crazy Ball game review Play Crazy Ball Now!

Focus on the target and hit the bull’s eye in this incredible scratch game. You can make £ 20,000 in no time!

Darts game review Play Darts Now!
Disco Keno

This game is the perfect combination between bingo and funky music for both disco and scratch cards lovers. Match only two numbers to win!

Disco Keno game review

Play Disco Keno Now!

Egyptian Magic

The pharaoh will help you obtain the matching symbols so you can walk away with a colossal scratch games jackpot.

Egyptian Magic game review

Play Egyptian Magic Now!

Lucky Diamonds

Place your mouse on the five jewellery boxes and uncover the diamonds. Get three identical diamonds and get a scratch card prize.

Lucky Diamonds game review

Play Lucky Diamonds Now!
Lucky Numbers

This is a two-game in one scratchcards. Obtain three symbols in the first one and an 8 in the second one to win.

Lucky Numbers game review

Play Lucky Numbers Now!

Mega Safe

Crack the safety box’s code open and come out with a spectacular £ 200,000 prize. Play it as a free scratch card, as well.

Mega Safe game review

Play Mega Safe Now!

Scratch cards lovers will absolutely adore the Indian setting in this game. Get three identical Hindu symbols to win big money.

Namaste game review

Play Namaste Now!

Ocean Pearls

Get a triple chance of scratching off your card. Click on the slots machines to get three identical sea symbols.

Ocean Pearls game review

Play Ocean Pearls Now!

Poker King

Become a master poker player with this scratch card. Get a better hand than the dealer’s and become a happy winner.

Poker King game review

Play Poker King Now!


Spin the wheel and guess which number will come out. Will it be red or black? Do not miss the thrill of this scratchcard.

Roulette game review

Play Roulette Now!

Royal Poker

Online scratch cards sites are giving you the chance of getting a real taste of poker. Get loads of prizes with this game.

Royal Poker game review

Play Royal Poker Now!

Sharon Osbourne

Scratch off the nine fields and be as lucky as to get a matching combination. Check each symbol’s value and collect your money.

Sharon Osbourne game review

Play Sharon Osbourne Now!

Summer Fun

Relax under the sun with this amusing online scratch card. Click on the machines near the pool and get winning combo.

Summer Fun game review

Play Summer Fun Now!

The Lost Maya

Unlock the secrets of the Mayan culture by clicking on one of the three doors. This scratchcards game is incredibly exciting!

The Lost Maya game review

Play The Lost Maya Now!


Scratch off the fields and get three Xs in a row, or maybe you can get the O’s, it is your call.

X&O game review

Play X&O Now!

Tiger Mahjong

Choose the number of lines and scratch off two of the panels to get identical Chinese symbols. You can also play it for free!

Tiger Mahjong game review

Play Tiger Mahjong Now!

5th Avenue

5th Avenue scratch cards take on the theme of a slots game. Spin the reels on the scratch card to match up expensive purchases!

5th Avenue game review

Play 5th Avenue Now!


The Champagne scratch card has nine potential winning squares to scratch off. Choose four and try and match three identical drinks to win!

Champagne game review

Play Champagne Now!


Esmeralda puts a spell on you – the scratch card offers eight chances to win and eight potential prizes to scratch off and claim each time.

Esmeralda game review

Play Esmeralda Now!

Goal Kick

Goal Kick has a team score to beat. The scratch card lets you kick five balls past the goalie – will you succeed?

Goal Kick game review

Play Goal Kick Now!

knights Battle

Brand your sword to beat the dealer’s hand! Have a go at the free scratch cards mode first to practise.

Knights Battle game review

Play Knights Battle Now!

Lucky Eggs

Lucky Eggs scratch cards gives you the chance to pick a bag full of eggs – and a bag full of cash at the same time!

Lucky Eggs game review

Play Lucky Eggs Now!

Super 3WOW

Super 3WOW is a scratch card with a chance to make you a millionaire. Scratch off nine panels to try and reveal three matching amounts.

Super 3WOW game review

Play Super 3WOW Now!

Cash Farm

Cash Farm is a fun and enjoyable scratch card game from You’ve got three chances to win on each scratchcard with multiple prizes.

Cash Farm game review

Play Cash Farm Now!

Dancing Domino

Dancing Domino has eight chances to win a prize per scratch card. Wager 25p or more on these entertaining scratch cards!

Dancing Domino game review

Play Dancing Domino Now!


Genie scratch cards offer three lucky lamps and three genies holding gems. Match up three gems for a genie to win on the scratch card.

Genie game review

Play Genie Now!

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing has a single prize per card and three fishermen to choose from. Pick the one that can catch a fish and win!

Gone Fishing game review

Play Gone Fishing Now!

Love Birds

Love Birds gives you the chance to match up a happy couple to win a great prize. Win up to £100,000 on the game!

Love Birds game review

Play Love Birds Now!

Roulette Lounge

Skip the scratch cards and hedge your bets with the Roulette Lounge. Traditional roulette bets make a change from scratchcard themes and prizes!

Roulette Lounge game review

Play Roulette Lounge Now!

Triple Wins

Triple Wins has four separate scratch cards to buy at different prices. Scratch off three matching amounts and stand a chance of multiplying your scratch card win as well.

Triple Wins game review

Play Triple Wins Now!


Head for the casino and have a change from scratchcards with the Blackjack game instead. Will it be as lucky as the scratch cards are for you?

Blackjack game review

Play Blackjack Now!